Off the Field

Derek Anderson didn’t waste all his time in Hawaii surfing, drinking Pina Colada’s and thinking about that multi-million dollar contract he’s about to land.

Instead he decided to chill with Carl for a bit!

Braylon Edwards takes a little time out from the Pro Bowl to get some direction from Navy Personel on how to this monster of a gun.

Get ready for the off-season boys, this year is going to be amazing!

Winslow Wants More

imagerefTight End Kellen Winslow told Sirius NFL Radio Thursday that he wants to renegotiate his contract according to a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“When I got hurt (in 2005) the contract got renegotiated so some things changed but I think I’ve proven these past two years that I’m one of the elite tight ends,” Winslow said from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. “My value on the field, they put in a nickel (coverage), an extra DB in the game, and that really changes the whole game. They have to guard me kind of like a wide receiver so, you know, yeah, gotta to get that new money. “(Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Winslow, who caught 82 passes for 1,106 yards and five touchdowns in 2007, signed a one-year extension in 2005 through 2010. He made $2 million in 2007, and he’s set to make $4 million in 2008, $4.5 million in 2009 and $4.75 million in 2010. He also has performance-based incentives in the current deal

Winslow, even though an exciting Tight End in the NFL, I don’t think he needs to go demanding more money quite yet.  My personal opinion and I hope this is what the front office will tell him, “Help us get to the Playoffs and then we will talk!”  Plain and simple.  People don’t start respecting you as a team until you make it beyond the 16 game season and hopefully into February.

Another point would be that even though his contract was reworked when he wrecked his bike and was injured, I think it needs to be noted that he was still paid.  He was paid for 2 years before he became a solid player in the Browns organization, and now he is hoping to get more money b/c he had one good season.  Not a good move Winslow.  Get us to the Playoffs and then see what you can get!  Who cares if you have to have double coverage, I think you might of dropped more passes than you had double coverage this past season.

Where to go from here?

Well the 2007 Season was a monumental season for the Cleveland Brown Organization.  So where do we go from here?  Should our expectations for this organization change as now we can see what they are capable of?

 So where do we go from here?

1. Defense, thats a no brainer.   With Mel Tucker, Jr. leading the way we should have a stronger defense.  Our defense in the past has always been our saving grace and kept us in a lot of ballgames that would of been huge blow outs.  Not this year, to have one of the worst defenses in the league and at the same time having an offense that is producing points like a catholic family producing babies!

Just as Phil Savage went  after the offensive side of the ball in the off-season before the 2007 season and I hope he is planning to go after the other side of the ball to spark up the 2008 season.  We have an extremely hard schedule for 08′ and if we do not develop a stronger defense then we will be in for an extremely long season!  Even though times have not been announced, it looks like we will play the Colts, the Cowboys, and the defending Super Bowl champ Giants.  All strong teams only looking to grow stronger.

2.  Romeo Crennel.  He was named Head Coach this time 3 years ago and in 2007 he has really impressed his critics,(including me).  He was signed to a 5 year deal and after last year most of the fans were calling for his head and then he had a monumental season and everyone loves what he is doing, (including me).  Just last month he was given a 2 year extension that would keep him as head coach until 2011!  My opinion is that Crennel needs to keep pushing forward and demanding excellence in his players, on the field and off the field.  He has the opportunity to lead the Cleveland Browns into history!

3.  Spare no expense!  I live in what is called Greater Cincinnati,  I live in Kentucky but everyone thinks they are in Cincinnati. So all I hear about are the Bengals!  It gets quite annoying.  I always tell people I am a Browns fan stuck in Bengal territory.  One thing over and over again being down here is how cheap Mike Brown is with his team.  He won’t hire a GM and he doesn’t want to pay his players much, and when he does splurge on a player something else has to suffer, like the quality of trainers, etc.  I hope that never moves its way up 71 to Cleveland.

Realize that it is a first class organization and we will do whatever it takes to get a Super Bowl victory! Plain and simple, whatever it takes…except video taping coaches and showing your lack of class when there is :01 left in the Superbowl.

What should our expectations be?

I think I just stated it above.  We have seen what the Cleveland Browns are capable of, so we should only expect greater things on 2008 and beyond.  We were one game away from the Playoffs this year and as you look back even though we won 10 games, we should of pulled off 12 games.  One against the Oakland Raiders, and the second against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road.

I feel that by the time playoffs come around in 2008, there will be a lot of people tired of the dog bark…BUT NOT I!!!

Anderson off to the Pro-Bowl!

Derek AndersonWith Tom Brady being a sore loser, I mean has a hurt ankle, he has dropped out of the Pro Bowl allowing Derek Anderson to enjoy the ride! Along with Anderson, Kellen Winslow was also named to the Pro Bowl after Randy Moss did his little fish dance after scoring his touchdown in the Super Bowl!

The Cleveland Browns have not had this many participants since 1995 so it should be an exciting game!

“We’re excited the Browns will have such a presence at the Pro Bowl this year,” Browns general manager Phil Savage said. “Kellen (Winslow) has overcome so much in the past two years and is a real catalyst for our team. Derek (Anderson) became the starter under difficult conditions after week one and led us to ten wins and a 7-0 home record. Both will grow from this experience in Hawaii.”

The 2008 Pro Bowl will be played Sunday, Feb. 10 at 4:30 p.m. EST and be broadcast live on FOX.

Patriots remind Lavelli of perfect Browns of ’48

I caught this article in USA Today and thought it was great to see the Browns mentioned as the Patriots go for a perfect season this Sunday night in Glendale, AZ.

In 1948, the Cleveland Browns had an unbeaten regular season. They went on to win their Championship Game over the Buffalo Bills 47to 7 and become the very first Pro Football team to a Perfect Season. Because this achievement was done before the merger of the NFL and the AFL of which the Browns were a part of, the Browns are never mention when talk of Perfect Seasons are brought up.

They do recognize AFL stats as NFL stats even though the AFL played for ten season before the merger.  The AFL was definitely inferior to the NFL especiall in the early years.  The same cannon be said about the AAFC and the Cleveland Browns.  Based on what Cleveland accomplished when they joined the NFL in 1950-1955 going to the NFL Championship Game every year, winning three times., it is easy to see that their accomplishment belongs in the annals of the National Football League.

Crennel til 2011

Romeo CrennelThe Browns organization has extended Romeo Crennels contract 2 more years to keep him until 2011.  This is the same guy that was gambling with a possible fire before he went on and won 10 games and almost a shot at the playoffs.

Crennel was hired as Browns head coach almost exactly three years ago — Feb. 8, 2005 — after winning three Super Bowls in four years as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator. He was the Browns’ defensive coordinator in 2000 before joining the Patriots.

2007 was a great year for the Browns Franchise and I was one of the ones that wanted Crennels head after the first game of the season where they embarrassed themselves to the Steelers.  I feel and I have said this over and over, that the Browns will be an exciting team in the 2008 season.

Crennel has been impressive and stood fast and deserves the contract extension.

Browns to extend contracts for Anderson & Lewis

The Browns have made offers to keep starting quarterback Derek Anderson and running back Jamal Lewis, both free-agents!

Anderson with the help of Lewis won 10 games after taking the starting position from Charlie Frye. With him becoming a restricted free agent on Feb. 29th the Browns are trying everything they can to keep him. Rumor has it that they offered him a 3 year deal but the amount is unknown at this time!

The benefit of him being a “restricted” free agent is that the browns organization has the ability to match any contract offer by any other NFL team!

Jamal Lewis rushed for 1,304 yards with 9 TD’s in his first season with the browns. The Browns signed him to a one-year deal after the Ravens let him go. Guess he wasn’t good enough for them anymore. Thank You! They signed him to a one year incentive-stuffed contract worth 5 million. Jamal Lewis has said that he would want to stay with Cleveland. Once a Brownie always a Brownie, unless your Charlie Frye.

He is also a “restricted” free agent so he too could get pricey if other teams show interest and begin to throw money at the 28 year old. Only in football a 28 year old is considered an old timer in the position of running back.

Stay tuned here as we find out more about contract negotiations and where Quinn sits in all of this!

Get Your Foot In The Door!

Don’t miss this opportunity(if you are a browns fan) to get your hands on 2008 Season Tickets!  Home games only of course.

“Home games for 2008 include regular-season matchups against division rivals Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati, and games against the Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and one more game against a foe from the AFC West.”(

To reserve your tickets for the 2008 season call 440-824-3424 or just click HERE.

Don’t miss out on what I fell will be the best season for the Cleveland Browns in about 25 years.

Be Part of the Dawg Pound

One thing I have always wanted to do was to go up to Cleveland and view a game from the Dawg Pound! In this issue we are going to look at a couple of the Dawg Pound Fans that have their own websites that all the Browns Backers and Browns fans can go to.

First off we have Dawg Pound Mike

webassets/mike.jpgHe is the face you normally see in the front row every time they show the Dawg Pound.  I first saw Dawg Pound Mike in the season opener when he was on the front page of the Sports section of USA Today!

You can see him at any Browns game sporting the nifty Bone hat that displays his web address for all to see.

When Chad Johnson jumped into the dawg pound during the 2nd game of the season, it was Mike who he jumped into.  He has a very educational website that documents all of his travels in the ’07 season as well as his thoughts on every game.  He is already looking forward to the ’08 season as well as the rest of us.

The thing that I like is that he keeps his site updated, there are so many do it yourself website designers that will get it started and then not update it for 2-3 years.  He keeps on top of it!  Thanks Mike!

Next we have Mobile Dawg 

Tony, better known as Mobile Dawg can always bee seen with Dag Poundtony.jpg Mike.  He has the brown bus better known as the Mobile Dawgpound and in 2004 was elected into the Hall of Fame of Fans!

He grew up a Browns fan, Like the rest of us, where our Dads taught us that there is no better team than the Browns!

Using what looks as the same layout as Dawg Pound Mikes it is still fairly updated.  Both sites have a lot of great pics and videos as well as an ongoing theme telling everyone that comes to their sites that the Steelers do suck!

Look for more updates on the exciting fans of the Cleveland Browns as we look forward to a monumental 2008 season!

Browns re-thinking Anderson

Derek AndersonThe Cleveland Browns are now planning to sign quarterback Derek Anderson to a multiyear deal, with the plans of keeping him off of the restricted free-agent market and let him start at least one more season, Browns General Manager Phil Savage told the Cleveland Plain Dealer this past week.

The good thing about Anderson being a restricted free agent, it means that the Browns have the opportunity to match any offer given to him.  If the Browns decline to match an offer, the team would have to compensate with draft picks. Savage has said Anderson would received the high tender of $2.562 million, meaning a team would have to surrender a 1stand 3rd-round pick if they signed him.

I think this year is as good as any to get rid of Derek Anderson.  The last thing you want is to find out next season that Derek Anderson just had a really good season and isn’t worth the huge contract he just received.  My personal opinion would be to use Anderson as a way to get 1 maybe 2 excellent/experienced defensive backs.

Brady Quinn is an excellent QB, he showed how he can handle himself when he came in for an injured Anderson before halftime in the season ender.  I see the future of the Browns organization is with Brady Quinn and not Derek Anderson.  So why push that off another year?